„You can’t teach a person anything, you can only help him to discover it in himself.“

Active Learning!

The transformation into ‘Courageous Human being’ and ‘modern Leadership’ and the ‘intelligent use of Digitalisation’ are the order of the day for us.

That’s why we stage learning experiences according to the principle:


First the questions arise, then the answers are found.

Learn Navigators

The offline learning diary helps you to control your own learning progress and learning navigators are available via video chat for personal exchange.

Too firmly convinced that sustainable companies can only be managed sustainably by sustainable people, our learning navigators lead us to tap into the personal potential in the best possible way.

Learning Opportunities


In front of the screen everything is different. The ease of learning is quickly lost.

Therefore, our online live seminars are two lectures on a specific topic, in the duration of 45 minutes, on two consecutive days.

Each online live seminar is moderated and there are 30 minutes for the interactive exchange after the lecture.


In active learning projects, we combine practical learning experiences in courageous people, creative innovation development and modern leadership with the sensible use of digital tools.

Our Social Engagement Learning projects work on two sides:

  1. Within the scope of the concrete project work, Agile teamwork New work and own responsibility are practiced and the participants put their know-how at the service of the good cause.
  2. The projects funded by the project partners in the context of the training are of benefit to civil society and are communicated effectively in the context accompanying CSR campaigns


Our Enterprise Culture Development are based on the recognition that all companies develop unspoken cultural landscapes (cultural landscapes) in the departments.

The different cultural landscapes work very efficiently in the background. If they remain leaderless, they develop very influential subcultures with often negative consequences for cost efficiency.

As part of this face-to-face training, managers gain insights into the mechanisms involved they learn to define problem areas and playfully develop methods and cross-departmental projects actively counteract this trend.

“You cannot teach a person, you can only help him to discover them in himself.” Galileo Galilei ( 1564 – 1642), Italian mathematician, philosopher and physicist